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Getting Fidgety WithIt

I was having a tough time getting what all the fuss was about when the fidget spinner craze hit earlier this year.  I was very busy with remodeling my home, particularly replacing the old, worn out carpet with wooden floors.  It was an upgrade I had longed to do for a decade, but could not even think of doing with my student debt, low paying job and paycheck-to-paycheck existence.  Then I started to pay attention to all the cost-cutting savings offered by sites like Groupon.  What caught my attention was reports that fewer and fewer people were standing in those long lines on Black Friday, you know, that infamous nightmare after Thanksgiving when people would line up by the hundreds for $99 flat screen TV’s?  Fewer people were showing up, opting to shop online from the comfort and warmth of their living rooms, and have the goods delivered instead.  I decided to take a closer look at Groupon and saw a deal for Lumber Liquidators and bookmarked the page for future reference.

At this time the fidget spinners were selling so fast they become such a phenomena thatthe nightly news had frequent reports about them. For once the “must have” toy wasn’t costing parents an arm-and-a-leg.  But I still didn’t get the appeal of what looked like a new-fangled spinning topthat we played with years ago.  It took a friend who teaches physics to try to explain why they were so addictive and fun for kids to play with.  It was like mansplaining, really.  He said it had something to do with angular velocity and acceleration of the inner and outer race.  And I thought, oh yeah, that sounds like loads of fun.

When my nephew Jeffrey came to visit during the floor installation, I had a breakthrough.  He told me he was glad I was getting rid of the carpet because he could perform his fidget spinner tricks better on my new bamboo floors.  “Less friction,” he said.   He told me to watch, and picked up two pieces of flooring.  Rubbing them together created too much friction to let the one of them glide over the other.  Then he rolled an orange around the wooden floor.  “Less drag,” he said.  The fidget spinners are made primarily of ball bearings and the spinning action is dependent on the minimal impact they have when in contact.  That I could understand.  And I promptly went online and bought him a new spinner.